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How do you take a piece of jewelry even further into perfection?
With content.

Can you take something special and make it even more special?

Can you take something convincing and make it even more convincing?

We think so.

Tallow Cosmetics took grass-fed and organic Tallow, an ingredient that is already very special, and brought it to perfection.

The secret of this healthy fat lies in its ability to truly nourish the skin. But what do you do next when you have made nourishing creams and achieved your goal?

Take a deep breath and enjoy? That’s one option. We opted for another: to go ahead and think one step further. The result has arrived, a creation of everyday cosmetics products that all accentuate Tallow’s character, inside and out: Tallow Cosmetics.

Committed to discovery and craftsmanship

Good skincare has the power to affect your skin and make you feel instantly comfortable. Finding the right formulation and ingredients is an art in itself. Founder Britt Salfischberger was inspired by researching what techniques, secrets and products were used in the past.

Britt then worked hard to rediscover Tallow’s legendary and restorative powers. Its success is due to complete dedication to mastering the craft of slow and refined extraction and thanks to careful selection of healing plants and natural ingredients.

The perfect start

In 2022, Britt launched Tallow Cosmetics with the passion and expertise to formulate holistic skincare using irreplaceable nourishing ingredients that heal, nourish and transform skin.

We created Tallow Cosmetics to preserve and honor the unique natural properties, cultural rituals, sustainable ways of life and sincerity of our ancestors.

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